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Our Story

Before publishing, my education was in the fine arts. I graduated with a B.A. degree in Fine Art and Teaching. I was awarded an M.B.A. scholarship for my graduate work under renowned potter Dick Hay. Years later, I received a grant to pursue a Graphic Design Certification. A whole new world opened up, a world of small beginnings.


Ebookannie opened its doors in 2008, dba under Thompson Enterprises, Inc. Being new to the publishing industry, I watched zillions of YouTube videos, studied for hours, and formatted books. These were the best years of my life. I was designing books for practice. All services were free of charge and 100% guaranteed.


My gift was to give away design services accessible to anyone who wanted to publish. My favorite author of all was Elmo Ward, once a homeless man. He published a book, "Mr. Pushups 31,600." Elmo is a world-class athlete and Guinness Book of World Record holder. Today he is a basketball coach, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and author.

Books began rolling off the presses slowly — but rolling nonetheless. Products and services were FREE. Momentum picked up. Every manuscript captivated my heart. Every author had a story to publish. Authors came, referrals multiplied, and I was off to the races, publishing books. I didn't know how to run this marathon confidently—actually, scared at times. Yet, I trained, prepared, and worked the plan I had set before me the best I could. Multiple times I wanted to quit. My most remarkable treasures in the world were the authors. But leaving was not an option. Today? Authors are my priceless treasures.

“Storytelling is the breath of life for true authentic relationships.”—Unknown

I spent hours giving away tips, knowledge, resources, coaching, content, and teaching. People loved seeing their books. Even more, holding them in their hands, smelling the paper. They dreamed of writing a book and now sell books on Amazon, Kindle, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and more. Oh, to see their excitement was a gift to me. None of us were of reputation. Many were poor, yet rich, discouraged, and yet full of hope. We carried dreams together, humbled to walk with one another and hear each other's stories. As authors gained confidence, Indie authors multiplied. Then, a shift happened with hardly enough hours in the day to design. On April 10, 2008, Ebookannie launched. Shepherding authors became my story. An Ebookannie team was built. Highly skilled professional designers, software developers, and business developers came alongside us.
Rolling up my sleeves, rolling out something new


We developed a booklet giving authors a roadmap to navigate each process and phase of publishing. "Publishing Made Simple: Book Publishing Phases" was the booklet that laid down the step-by-step procedures for self-publishing. We helped answer authors' questions like, "How do I publish a book?" "Who's the publisher?" "What is the process?" Timeline?" "Where do I start?" "Do I need an editor? What is a manuscript?" "What is formatting?" "How do I find a designer?" "What company publishes my book?" "How do I market my book?" And, of course, "How much will this cost me?" Each had no idea. Every author received this booklet. Joanna Penn, a bestselling author, provided easy-to-understand resources, sharing her captivating dream stories of being an author. Then, with clarity and encouragement, she encouraged writers to publish. She has helped millions who did not have a clue where to start. Check her out at The Creative Penn.

People don’t know where to begin or what to do

So much to learn, so little knowledge. At Ebookannie, there is no question too silly to ask. With some elbow grease and lots of hard work, we are here to help you publish. Publishing success builds momentum. Being famous and generating revenue is not a new author's only drive or goal. Yet later,  it becomes a crucial factor in budgeting the success of a project. Authors began to write down the vision and run with it. Each studied and learned about the industry, making a plan. With our team of professional editors, cover designers, interior layout designers, and marketing partners, we offer services to help you. The self-publishing industry is full of professionals and affordable resources. Let's run together! We are here for YOU and your success! We are a "production arm" for publishing.
We are standing on the shoulders of giants


Whether publishing or launching books, there lives a giant of a man among us who has profoundly impacted lives and the industry. Let me introduce you to Joel Friedlander, Founder of The Book Designer. He blazed trails in the self-publishing industry, helping millions across the globe. Authors who choose to self-publish are respected and no longer the 'stepchild" of the" industry. Get used to different. Times are changing. Many have stood on "Shoulders of Giants," learning the publishing business without knowing. Joel's wealth of knowledge, humility, and wisdom has brought success to many first-time authors. He has sacrificed his life for others. A wise saying, "How well you honor those who have gone before you is how well it will go with you."

Get used to different


Here's a fact. Books generate 8%-12% revenue of the wholesale price. Why publish? Let's rethink this for a moment. Think out-of-the-box. Get used to different. What if your book were to become a strategic tool for online classes? With Covid 19, online courses multiplied exponentially. Networks of influence grew worldwide. Video training courses, webinars, interviews, blog posts, and newsletters flooded social media platforms. Authors launched marketing campaigns online. Book memoirs recorded events that became historic. People began writing as never before.
Perhaps you have a short story, novel, online course, or poem book to write. Go for it. This industry has state-of-the-art professional software that is easy to use and affordable and generates books for ebooks, paperbacks, and hardbacks in multiple sizes. It's fun. Go for it! Let's talk and enjoy this wild ride together. We are here for YOU.