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Hi, I’m Anne Thompson, Designer/Founder of Ebookannie, the storyteller company. We tell other people's stories connecting folks around the world. Stories create connection. Stories have a powerful voice, your voice. Books tell stories but often get stuffed in boxes, attics, computers or are under beds simply waiting to be told. Ever wonder what your story might be?


The greatest storyteller on earth was Jesus Christ. He transformed lives, hung out with fishermen, tax collectors, doctors, business and religious leaders, prostitutes, lepers, Moms, Dads, kids, and loved sinners. We are deeply love by Him today. He continues changing the hearts  of men with His love, parables, laughter, words, and stories. Like a wild fire, people could not keep silent having heard Him! He said,"Go tell." Today, He still says, "Go tell." What is your story? You have one. He's working in your story today fulfilling His plans and purposes for you. Let's connect and share! 

“So the man started off ...and began to proclaim the great things Jesus had done for him; and everyone was amazed at what He told them...” —Mark 5:2


Once upon a time, I gave everything away...


In 2005, I started publishing books. Clueless in even how to begin, I started watching zillions of YouTube videos, studying for hours and formatting books. These were the best years of my life. I designed books for practice, free of charge, 100% guaranteed, to anyone who wanted to publish. Books began rolling off the presses slowly — but rolling none the less. Momentum picked up. Each story captivated my heart, impacting my life. I had to give back. More authors began coming, referrals multiplied, and I was off to the races, publishing more books. Little did I know about the marathon ahead. Multiple times I wanted to quit. Yet my greatest treasures in the world were the authors. Quitting was not an option. Today? Authors are still my dearest treasures.

“Storytelling is the breath of life for true authentic relationships.”—Unknown

Hours were spent giving away tips, knowledge, resources, coaching, content, and teaching. People loved seeing their books. Even more, holding them. Books were sold on Amazon, Kindle, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and more. Oh, to see their excitement—God's gift to me. None of us were of reputation. Many were poor, yet rich, rejected, and yet full of hope. We carried our dreams together. Humbled to walk with one another, and hear their stories.  As authors gained confidence, Indie authors began coming. With hardly enough hours in the day to design, a shift happened. On April 10, 2008, Ebookannie was officially launched. Shepherding authors has become my story. 

Rolling up my sleeves, rolling out something new...


I developed a booklet, Publishing Made Simple, giving authors a roadmap to navigate each process and phase of publishing. The Publishing Made Simple booklet laid down step-by-step processes for self-publishing. Questions got answered like, “How do I publish a book?” “What are the processes & timelines?" "Where do I start?" "Do I need an editor?" "What IS a manuscript?" "What is formatting?" "Where do I find a designer?" "What companies publish my book?" "How do I market?" and of course, "How much will this cost?" Filled with questions, I handed each this little book. I stumbled across a lady, Joanna Penn. a bestselling author. I am not. She has easy to understand resources, sharing her captivating dream story  of being an author. Check her out. Without knowing, she has impacted my life. With clarity and encouragement she encourages writers to publish, helping those who haven't a clue of how to begin. Check out Joanna Penn.


People don’t know where to begin or what to do...

So much to learn, so little knowledge. No question is too silly to ask. With a little elbow grease and lots of hard work, we are here to help you publish. Publishing success builds momentum. Being famous, generating revenue is not the initial drive or goal of any author I know. Yes, we all need money to pay bills and achieve personal goals. Yet, Kingdom-giving is totally opposite to the world's way of giving. Aligning our hearts with God's heart, His plan, His mission, and His vision is the most life-giving purpose in our life. He will multiply our "two fish and five loaves of bread." Write down your vision (Habakkuk 2:2). Make plans, and the Lord will direct your steps (Proverbs 16:9). Today, the self-publishing industry is full of resources. Let's run together! We are here for YOU! 

Thank you Joel Friedlander

Whether publishing or launching, the giant of a man who has impacted my life the most (unknowingly) is Joel Friedlander, Founder of The Book Designer, a renowned pioneer since the 1970's. Joel blazed a trail in the self-publishing industry helping millions. He's a giant of a man—a wealth of knowledge and humility—one who has sacrificed his life for others.

Here's a fact. Books generate only 8%-12% revenue off the wholesale price. Many wonder, why publish? Let's rethink for a moment. What if your book became a strategic tool to help others. What if it were used for video training courses, webinars, blogs, newsletters or social media platforms? What if its a memoir for family and friends? What if its a legacy book, recording historic events about your family for grandchildren to read? Perhaps it's a short story, novel, or poem book. The latest software development makes publishing so affordable. It's fun and easy. So, go for it! I am. Let's enjoy this wild ride together!

And there are also many other things which Jesus did, which if they were written in detail,

I suppose that even the world itself would not contain the books that would be written.

—John 21:25

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