Launchbox is where everything begins. Design concepts originate, and book concepts develop into beautiful designs. Some trashed, some saved. Yet eventually, one book is chosen—the final design. Launchbox displays the good, bad, ugly, selected, unchosen, and ones still brewing. So tell us about your book. We'd love to hear your ideas and dream with you.

Mockup 3-Book Series-Soaring In Sonship Series_Nicholas Barta.jpg
Mockup 6_CCC_TableTop-Book-Coffee_CMYK 1500X1000.jpg
Mockup_Wooden Indian-WIX.jpg
11.17.21 XXXXEBOOK COVER 1920X3071_Loving and Serving Jesus_Edwards.jpg
3-D_BOX_Soul Ties.jpg
Mockup 3 Scattered-Books_2000X1000-Frantz Series.jpg