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The Rest of the Story 

"Storytelling is the breath of life for true authentic relationships." 


This quote rings true as I have dedicated countless hours to helping aspiring authors bring their book ideas to life. It brings me immense joy to watch these individuals, rich in ideas and full of hope for their future as writers. With new software technology, publish stunning printed books and ebooks on KDP Direct, IngramSpark, Amazon, Kindle, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and national libraries. We share your dreams and support each other, forming genuine, authentic relationships. 

As more independent authors gained confidence, the demand for my design services increased. In response, I launched Ebookannie on April 10, 2008, and assembled a team of skilled professionals to help shepherd authors through the publishing process. We developed a booklet, "Publishing Made Simple: Book Publishing Phases," providing authors with a roadmap to navigate each process and phase of self-publishing. This booklet laid down the step-by-step procedures for answering authors' questions like "How do I publish a book?" "What is the process?" "Where do I start?" and "How much will this cost me?" 

Bestselling author Joanna Penn provided easy-to-understand blogs and resources, sharing her captivating dream stories as a renowned author. Joanna's website, The Creative Penn, has helped millions of aspiring authors start their publishing journey and is a powerful resource.


Joel Friedlander, the founder of The Book Designer, is a giant in the publishing and self-publishing industry. His profound impact on the lives of countless individuals has helped millions of authors across the globe succeed in self-publishing. Thanks to trailblazers like Joel, self-published authors are now respected and no longer seen as the "stepchild" of the industry.

At Ebookannie, we understand that the publishing process can be daunting, especially for those new to the industry. That's why we offer guidance and support to help navigate the process and achieve publishing success. No question is too silly to ask, and with some hard work and determination, we believe that anyone can achieve their publishing goals. We offer various services, including professional editing, cover design, interior layout design, and marketing support. We are proud to be a "production arm" of services for the publishing industry. 

There are many other reasons to consider publishing. A book can be a strategic tool for online courses, marketing campaigns, and connecting with international audiences using social media platforms, zoom meetings, videos, and online support groups, opening doors wide. If you have a short story, novel, online course, children's books, or poetry collection in mind, now is a great time to consider self-publishing. The self-publishing industry has access to state-of-the-art software, allowing us to create various sizes of stunning ebooks, paperbacks, and hardbacks. Enjoy the wonderful world of publishing.

Publish your book your way. 

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